Advisory Tracks



Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

This practitioner oriented program addresses behavioral theory, communication and motivation processes, community intervention strategies, strategies for dealing with multicultural populations, and evaluation procedures for community health promotion and primary prevention. Graduates are prepared to:

  • Assess individual and community health needs;
  • Plan effective health education and health promotion programs;
  • Conduct health education and health promotion research; and
  • Manage and supervise health education programs in a variety of settings.



Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety


students with the necessary scientific and public health background to protect the general public and workers from adverse effects caused by exposure to harmful agents in air, water, soil, food and consumer products. Graduates are prepared to:

  • Recognize safety and health hazards in the workplace;
  • Characterize exposures to airborne chemicals, noise and other occupational hazards;
  • Recommend personal protective equipment, engineering controls and management controls for safety and health hazards; and
  • Function as a safety and health professional within a management structure, including working with managers, labor representatives, occupational health physicians and nurses, ergonomists and industrial engineers.



Geronotological Health

The gerontological health career track provides students with the opportunity to develop in-depth understanding of human aging in society as they prepare for professional practice within the field of public health gerontology. Gerontological knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to developing, implementing, and evaluating community based health programs for older populations are addressed. Graduates may be involved in:

  • Providing direct services to older adults;
  • Planning and managing health and social service programs;
  • Advocating the need for services, resources, and health policies for older adults; and
  • Evaluating community programs for the elderly.



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