The Gerokinesiology concentration provides knowledge and skills necessary to develop and teach a variety of wellness and fitness classes and personalized training/rehabilitation programs for older adults across the functional continuum. Prepares students for advanced study in related allied health professions and meets the international guidelines for preparing physical activity instructors of older adults. 


Required Courses (12 units):

KNES 352 Principles of Teaching Group Fitness
KNES 454 Physical Dimensions of Aging
KNES 455 Functional Performance Assessment and Programming for Older Adults
KNES 495 Internship in Kinesiology

Elective Courses (9 units): Choose three courses from the following list:

HESC 440 Determinants of Health Behavior
HESC 450 Applied Health Promotion in Aging Populations
KNES 351 Principles of Strength and Conditioning
KNES 354 Cardiovascular Exercise Testing and Prescription
KNES 364 Motor Development
KNES 375 Management of Sport/Exercise Emergencies
KNES 377 Therapeutic Exercise in Rehabilitation  
KNES 378 Therapeutic Modalities in Rehabilitation  
KNES 432 Applied Exercise Psychology
KNES 451 Sports Medicine  
KNES 457 Practice of Personal Training
KNES 463 Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury  
KNES 470 Nutrition for Exercise and Performance
KNES 471 Motor Control and Movement Dysfunction  
KNES 499 Independent Study  
PSYC 362 Psychology of Aging