Sport Studies


The Sport Studies concentration provides knowledge related to sport and physical activity programs in athletic and community settings, and for students interested in studying the sub-disciplinary aspects of sport including athletic coaching (ASEP Coaching Certification), psychological performance enhancement (i.e., sport psychology, exercise psychology), community/youth physical activity and sports programs, and sociocultural study (i.e., history, philosophy and sociology) of sport. The concentration also prepares students for advanced study in similar sport-related areas. 

Required Courses (12 units): 

KNES 325 Techniques of Coaching
KNES 384 Sports Sociology
KNES 414 Legal Issues in Sport and Exercise 
KNES 430 Applied Sport Psychology 

Elective Courses (9 units): 

Choose three courses from the following list:

KNES 320 Exercise Techniques for Strength Training 
KNES 351 Principles of Strength and Conditioning 
KNES 352 Principles of Teaching Group Fitness 
KNES 385 Instructional Analysis of Human Movement 
KNES 386 Movement and the Child 
KNES 387 Movement and the Adolescent
KNES 410 Issues in Youth Sports 
KNES 432 Applied Exercise Psychology
KNES 456 Environmental Exercise Physiology 
KNES 457 Practice of Personal Training 
KNES 461 Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement 
KNES 463 Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury
KNES 470 Nutrition for Exercise and Performance 
KNES 480 Gender and Sexuality Issues in Sport 
KNES 481 The Socio-Cultural Study of the Olympic Games: Ancient to Modern
KNES 483 Sport, Film, & Culture 
KNES 495 Internship
KNES 499 Independent Study