The RECREATION & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY PROMOTION concentration provides knowledge and practical experience supporting careers in areas such as public recreation and parks services, recreation therapy, fitness industry, corporate fitness, community recreation & events, campus recreation, outdoor & adventure recreation, military recreation, and private fitness and wellness programming. Prepares students for advanced study in recreation & leisure services, therapeutic recreation, facility management, and fitness & health promotion.



KNES 304 Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Time Physical Activities

KNES 353 - Physical Activity and Lifelong Well-Being (3)Opens in new window

KNES 404 Recreation Staff Management and Communication

KNES 432 Applied Exercise Psychology (3)Opens in new window


Elective Courses (9 units)

Choose three courses from the following:

KNES 242 - Teaching Lifetime Physical Activity (3)Opens in new window

KNES 325 - Techniques of Coaching (3)Opens in new window

KNES 351 - Principles of Strength and Conditioning (3)Opens in new window

KNES 352 - Principles of Teaching Group Fitness (3)Opens in new window

KNES 375 - Management of Sport/Exercise Emergencies (3)Opens in new window

KNES 403 Recreation Facility Management & Programming

KNES 406 - Principles of Sport and Exercise Management (3)Opens in new window

KNES 410 - Issues in Youth Sports (3)Opens in new window

KNES 454 - Physical Dimensions of Aging (3)Opens in new window

KNES 455 - Functional Performance Assessment and Programming for Older  Adults (3)Opens in new window

KNES 457 - Practice of Personal Training (3)Opens in new window

KNES/PUBH 460 - Worksite Health Promotion (3)Opens in new window

KNES 495 Internship in Kinesiology

KNES 499 - Independent Study (1-3)Opens in new window