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FALLPROOF™ Balance & Mobility Program


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Required Forms for FallProof Classes

Prior to starting a class at the Center, you will need to complete the registration form located above, and complete the FallProof Health Activity Questionnaire, Performance Release, the specific classes medical release and informed consent. All four of these forms are required for participation in classes, and are due every calendar year (please note that each class has additional forms that are specific to the class).

FallProof™ Land Based Classes:

FallProof™ Balance and Mobility I:

Balance & Mobility Program classes are held in the Movement Enhancement Lab in the Ruby Gerontology Center, Room #17. This program adopts a multidimensional approach to balance-related problems. Balance and gait assessments are provided using state-of-the art technology in order to determine the most suitable training program. A group-based program (B & M I) is available for individuals identified as low-to-moderate risk for falls. Most suitable for older adults who are beginning to experience balance problems that would benefit from focused training. Participants should not be regular users of assistive devices for mobility.

FallProof™ Balance and Mobility II:

This Balance & Mobility program will provide individualized training in balance and mobility for persons at high risk for falls. This program adopts a multidimensional approach to balance-related problems. The class is most suitable for older adults with a history of falls and who require the use of assistive devices or wheelchairs for mobility on a regular basis.


Fallproof™ H20 Classes:

This new addition to CSA classes moves the successful land-based FallProof™ program into the water.  The focus in this class will be to use the unique properties of water and the pool’s variable speed current to challenge balance and mobility in a confidence-building environment. Individualized training will be provided in a small group environment. The class will be held in our new state-of-the art Swimex pool facility in the Center for Successful Aging. Most suitable for older adults who lack confidence in their balance and/or have chronic joint pain that limits their participation in land-based classes.

Required Forms for FallProof H2O Classes

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