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Cathy Badum

Cathy Badum

Co-Founder & Owner, CS Dance Factory

Cathy Badum has been a Zumba® instructor since 2009. Her love of dance began at age 10, and continues today. She was hooked on Zumba® Dance Fitness in 2007 and started building CS Dance Factory in 2009 with her business partner, Sandy McCormick. 
She credits teaching Zumba® classes with lifting her spirits during a difficult struggle in her life. She says that the Zumba® fitness program has changed her life; giving her a means to run her own business, while doing something she is passionate about – dance, fitness, motivating others, having fun, and the flexibility to spend time with her child. “Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a dance room in my basement, and now I have multiple dance rooms in the Coastal Orange County area! So the Zumba® fitness program has made a dream come true.”

Kerry Burnight

Kerry Burnight, Ph.D.

Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology
University of California at Irvine

Dr. Kerry Burnight, is a Professor in the Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology at the University of California at Irvine’s School of Medicine. Dr. Burnight holds a doctoral degree in Gerontology and has been a faculty member at UCI for 14 years. Burnight is the Director of the nation’s first Elder Abuse Forensic Center in Santa Ana, California and is one of the founders and of Ageless Alliance,  a national social justice movement aimed at uniting people of all ages against elder abuse and neglect.  Her research on the forensic markers of elder abuse was funded by the National Institute of Justice.  Before joining UCI, Burnight was a Congressional Fellow with the U.S. House of Representative’s Select Committee on Aging, where she specialized in elder abuse and fraud.

Helen Calvet, MD

Helene Calvet, M.D.

Dr. Helene Calvet, is the Deputy County Health Officer for the Orange County Health Care Agency. She received her medical degree from UCLA School of Medicine in 1989, completed her internship and residency in Internal Medicine at University of Texas, Southwestern, in Dallas, TX, and then did a fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, CA. She maintains her board certifications in both Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases.
After fellowship, Dr. Calvet was an assistant professor of Medicine at Charles Drew University/ Martin Luther King Medical Center in Los Angeles from 1997 -2000, then went into work in Public Health in the city of Long Beach, becoming the Long Beach City Health Officer in 2007. Dr. Calvet accepted the position of Deputy County Health Officer with the Orange County Health Care Agency in 2011. Dr. Calvet has co-authored over a dozen publications, served on two CDC Expert Panels, and has delivered trainings on public health to practitioners in 6 countries. In 2010, she was recognized by the Southern California Public Health Association with the 2010 Public Health Leadership Award.

In addition to her regular work, Dr. Calvet has been involved with volunteer medical projects, including cervical cancer screening projects in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Aside from work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband, traveling, cycling, and volunteering at her church and with AYSO Region 159 as a soccer referee.

Yvette Casal

Yvette Casal

Yvette Casal received her Bachelor’s Degree in Dance from Loyola Marymount University. She began teaching Pilates in 2001, using it as a rehabilitative tool working with older adults and pain management, at the Brighton Institute of Physiotherapy in Beverly Hills. She discovered the MELT Method® (MELT) in 2010. Suffering from chronic pelvic pain after the birth of her first child, a colleague recommended a MELT workshop at CSULB. “It was astounding, after the workshop my pain disappeared for the first time post-pregnancy.” She dove into her MELT education, truly transforming the way she teaches, as both a Pilates instructor and a MELT Method® teacher. Yvette teaches MELT Method group classes and private sessions in the Irvine, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa areas. “With or without pain, we are all moving throughout our day and I hope to share MELT’s self treatment techniques for many years to come, many “ quality" years to come.”

Dr. David Chen

David Chen Ph.D. 

Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology
College of Health and Human Development, CSUF

Dr. Chen joined the faculty in the Department of Kinesiology in 1998. He received his master’s degree in Motor Behavior from Florida State University, Tallahassee and his doctorate degree in Sport Psychology and Motor Behavior from University of Florida, Gainesville. He co-authored a textbook for stress management and published more than 20 research articles in the areas of sport psychology, motor learning, and tai chi. He serves as a section editor for the Californian Journal of Health Promotion and was a former Vice-President for the Southwest District AAHPERD. Currently he is a stress management consultant for corporations and universities. He enjoys cooking, reading and performing tai chi every day.

Lorie Eber

Lorie Eber

Lorie Eber, is a trained Wellness Coach who helps people live healthier, happier lives. She’s passionate about helping others make long-lasting changes in the way they live every day. Her holistic approach addresses all aspects of health and well-being, including stress-reduction, eating better food, and moving your body more. Unlike yo-yo dieting or joining a gym every January 1st, wellness coaching yields permanent lifestyle changes.

Ms. Eber is a re-careered baby boomer, whose first career was as a corporate litigator. After practicing law for 23 years, she returned to school to learn about aging. She has been teaching Gerontology at Coastline Community College since 2006.

Lorie is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a nationally known keynote speaker, a contributor to the Huffington Post and the Orange County Register, and a writer. She has published a book entitled “Aging Beats the Alternative and a Sense of Humor Helps.”

Sue Grant, BS

Sue Grant, B.S.

Sue Grant, fellow of Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science, is also a certified Master Instructor for FallProof, an internationally recognized Balance and Mobility training program.  She is certified by the American Council on Exericise (ACE) and also holds ACE's Senior Fitness Specialty Certification.  In addition, Sue has a Professional Certificate in Fitness Instruction and Exercise Science from UC San Diego, specializing in both Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction.  She is also a NG 360 Nike Golf Performance Specialist.  Most importantly, Sue's lifelong love for fitness is contagious - she is passionate about helping Older Adults stay fit and active at any age!

Jackie Halbin

Jackie Halbin

Jackie Halbin, Living Well Manager at Lakeview Village in Lenexa, Kansas, has worked with older adults enhancing their lives through a wide variety of fitness and wellness opportunities for the past 10 years.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, is a Master FallProof Instructor, FallProof H2O Instructor, Aquatic Exercise Association and personal trainer certified.  She has been teaching FallProof classes for six years and enjoys seeing the successes of her clients.  Jackie can be reached at or (914)744-2422. 

Jessie Jones, Ph.D.

Jessie Jones, Ph.D.

Interim Dean, College of Health and Human Development, California State University, Fullerton

Dr. Jessie Jones, Chair and Professor in Health Science, Director, Fibromyalgia Research and Education Center has an extensive teaching and research background in gerontological health and fibromyalgia. Dr. Jones is co-author of the Senior Fitness Test Manual and co-editor of the book, Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults.

Stella Luna Tyron

Stella "Luna" Tyron , RYT 500

Stella Tryon is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-Hour level.  Her creative approach to teaching yoga is influenced by her affection for the art of living.  Stella coordinates groups activities/fitness for L.A. Fitness in Garden Grove and holds several national certifications in group fitness.  She also teaches yoga for a variety of corporate wellness programs, private sessions and semi-private sessions in addition to her regularly schedule classes at the Center for Successful Aging. With over ten years of Reiki experience Stella’s healing hands are full of compassionate energy and warmth. 


Sandy McCormick

Sandy McCormick

Co-Founder & Owner, CS Dance Factory

Sandy McCormick has been a Zumba® instructor since 2009. She studied ballet, jazz and tap as a young girl, and continued to take lessons in all forms of dancing from Flamenco to East Coast Swing. After pursuing a professional career, and then raising a family, she finally returned to her passion of dance when she found Zumba® in 2007. She started building CS Dance Factory in 2009 with her business partner Cathy Badum. She also holds a Fitness Specialist Certification from Orange Coast Community College.

Jan Montague, M.G.S.

Jan Montague, M.G.S.

President, Whole-Person Wellness International

Jan Montague, has focused on the advancement of whole-person wellness education, strategies, and outcomes for individuals and organizations for over 30 years. Jan received her Masters of Gerontological Studies from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. She serves on several national and international advisory boards, is a sought after speaker, and has authored numerous articles for professional journals on whole-person wellness and optimal living across the life course.

During her career, she owned and managed a chain of wellness-based fitness centers, founded and operated Montague, Eippert & Associates–a consulting company that worked with hundreds of organizations in their efforts towards whole-person wellness. Most recently, Jan was President of Whole-Person Wellness Solutions, Cincinnati, Ohio and prior to that position; she served as Vice President of Community Life, Wellness, and Applied Research for Lakeview Village, Lenexa, KS. Currently, Jan is President of Whole-Person Wellness International.
Jan Montague, developer of the Whole-person Wellness Model, was the first person to ever present the concept to AAHSA Members (Leading Age) at the 1995 annual meeting.

Jane Porphir

Jane L. Porphir, MFT

As a member of the United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA) Jane is currently the reigning Women's National Single's champion in her age group (60+) winning a Gold Medal in Cleveland, Ohio at the Sr. National Games last July. She also took home a Silver Medal in Women's Doubles and a Silver Medal in Mixed Doubles at the same tournament. Jane is also a graduate of Cal State Fullerton.


Matthew Pour

Matthew Pour

The Principal & Founder of Olive Oil & Beyond, Inc.

Matthew Pour, with a culture richly valued for its diversity of foods, impeccable attention to hospitality, and a lifestyle that’s organically holistic in its approach, Matthew’s Persian roots are at the heart of Olive Oil & Beyond (OO&B). With over 28 years of experience in international trade, Matthew developed his relationships with global artisans to gain access to some of the world’s best specialty ingredients. Over the past 20 years, Matthew has launched five successful companies, his most recent, OO&B, in 2006. He is an olive oil expert and a certified master taster. At OO&B, Matthew enjoys introducing people to the delightful tastes and many health benefits of high-quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Roberta Rikli, Ph.D.

Roberta Rikli, Ph.D.

Dr. Roberta Rikli, is a Co-Founder of Lifespan Wellness Clinic and former Dean of the College of Health and Human Development, California State University, Fullerton.  Dr. Rikli has received national and international recognition for her research and program development in the area of health and well-being for people of all ages—youth through older adults.  She has published numerous scientific papers on her work and has made over 100 presentations at conferences and workshops in this country and at international conferences in Brazil, Germany, China, Japan, France, and Finland. Dr. Rikli is best known for her work that has led to the development of the first national fitness test for seniors, published as the Senior Fitness Test.

Tom Rutlin

Tom Rutlin

CEO and Founder of Exerstrider Products Inc, of Madison, Wisconsin

Tom Rutlin, is widely acknowledged to be the pioneering “father” of the growing international Nordic walking movement (fitness walking with specially designed poles). Awarded "Nordic Walking Pioneer" silver star by the International Nordic Walking Association in Riga, Latvia in 2010.

Internationally recognized fitness expert and innovator who has conducted workshops and seminars throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Rutlin  has also conducted hundreds of Nordic walking instructional and motivational workshops to the public, and in conjunction with other leading health care experts in the U.S., Canada, and Europe since 1988.

  • Authored an award winning Exerstrider Instructional Manual and User’s Guide, and an accompanying DVD
  • Author or subject of numerous articles for fitness industry publications in the U.S., Canada and Europe

Julie Tobin

Julie Tobin, PT

Julie Tobin, a native Southern Californian, received her B.S. degree in Physical Therapy from California State University Long Beach in 1972 and received her license from the Physical Therapy Board of California on February 14th, 1973.  Julie has worked in various settings throughout her career including acute hospitals, skilled nursing, home health, pain management, and outpatient orthopedics.  With her physical therapy foundation, Julie has found that the most important thing to do with patients is to listen to what they hope to gain and to provide support and guidance to help them reach their identified goals. 
Using her strong physical therapy expertise, Julie volunteers her time in wildlife rehabilitation assisting veterinary staff in evaluations, treatment protocols, and restorative techniques for application with large seabird (pelican) treatment.  She is a Team Leader for the field rescue program for injured pelicans and seabirds at the Pacific Wildlife Project. Her interests include bicycling, kayaking, and her most recent passion, Pickleball.

Joan Vernikos

Joan Vernikos, Ph.D.

Dr. Joan Vernikos is former Director of Life Sciences at NASA and a well-known expert in stress management and healthy aging. Initially recruited by a nascent NASA for her stress expertise, Dr. Joan later pioneered research on how living in a microgravity environment adversely affected the health of astronauts. Her research led her to believe there were many similarities between the effects of microgravity on the physiology of astronauts after periods of time in Space, and the aging process here on Earth. In 1998 she was instrumental in the return to space of American hero John Glenn at the age of 77.  Bringing her ideas to the public eye, Dr. Joan has published a series of books that present simple and effective plans for maintaining good health throughout life. Her books include The G-Connection: Harness Gravity and Reverse Aging (2004), Stress Fitness for Seniors (2009). Her latest, Sitting Kills, Moving Heals: How Everyday Movement will Prevent Pain, Illness and Early Death – and Exercise alone Won’t shows how sedentary lifestyles contribute to poor health, obesity, and diabetes; and how health can be dramatically improved with low-intensity, continuous movement that challenges the force of gravity.

Irma Waldo, MD

Irma Waldo, M.D.

Dr. Irma Waldo, has served her community for more than 60 years. She began her career during the early 1950’s, a time when women were not frequently found in the field of medicine. At one point early in her practice, due to the military commitment of the one other physician in their town, Dr. Waldo was the only remaining doctor available in the community in which she practiced.
She was an original participant in the founding of, and currently serves as the Medical Director of, Twin County Recovery Services of Columbia and Greene Counties. She has been a teacher, mentor and respected leader in her community for many years.

Dr. Waldo was listed in Who’s Who in America at Buffalo Medical School, and was recently selected as the 2014 New York State “Woman of Distinction” for the 43rd Senate District.


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