Concurrent Session Descriptions

Walking Poles As An Alternative to Walkers and Canes...and to the "Normal Effects of Aging

Tom Rutlin, BA

Exerstrider walking poles have proven to be a preferred solution to walking frames and canes for improving overall function in ADLs.  Improvements in posture, gait, and psychological states for those transitioning from a walker or cane are the immediate and obvious benefits, but the long-term impacts of "quadruped walking" on activities of daily life, quality of life, and overall function are even more life-changing. Total body walking has demonstrated the potential to give pole walkers the ability to slow and even reverse many of the "normal effects of aging" -- resulting in remarkable life-changing outcomes. In this presentation you will be introduced to both the ergonomic design and function of Exerstrider poles, a durable and high quality walking device designed by Tom Rutlin.  In each of his sessions, Tom will present his natural, easy-to-learn techniques that have been empowering people to age successfully for more than a decade.

How To Keep Growing and Changing as You Age

Lorie Eber, JD

Lorie Eber will share her personal career journey from litigator, to gerontologist, to personal trainer, to wellness coach. She will provide useful tips about how to improve your lifestyle behaviors so that you can age gracefully.

Tai Chi: Moving Meditation

Dr. David Chen

Tai chi is an ancient exercise system that is gaining popularity as a stress reducer and a whole-body conditioner. In this tai chi workshop, participants will learn seven principles of tai chi performance and an 8-step modified tai-chi routine specifically designed to improve balance and mobility.

The Melt Method: A Self-Treatment Technique for Chronic Pain

Yvette Casal

The MELT Method® (MELT) is a revolutionary approach to pain-free fitness and longevity. It is a self-treatment technique that helps people get out and stay out of chronic pain with just ten minutes a day. MELT was developed by manual therapist, Sue Hitzmann, as homework for her clients to empower them to actively participate in their own healing regimen. These techniques rehydrate connective tissue, rebalance the nervous system, promote healing, reduce inflammation, decompress the neck and low back, improve core stability, mobilize joints, stimulate organ function, increase flexibility, and much more. 

Learn how the connective tissue in your hands and feet gets dehydrated, the common aches and pains it can cause, and how to rehydrate this essential system in our bodies for vibrant health and pain-free movement.  The MELT Hand and Foot Treatment is an effective tool for making your whole body feel better in just minutes.  The hand and foot treatment alone can erase pain and tension in your hands, feet, neck, lower back and provide relief from arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.  All these techniques can be done standing or seated.  The MELT Method® also uses a specially designed soft body roller to simulate the results of hands-on manual therapy treatments. For those willing and able to come to the floor, the simple techniques of “gliding, shearing and rinsing” your connective tissue will bring your body back to an ideal state of alignment and balance.  The connective tissue supports the sensory nervous system and when dehydration accumulates (“stuck stress”) it can result in chronic pain.  Learn to identify those areas of “stuck stress” in your body and start allowing your body to heal. The first time you MELT, you will see and feel a difference – and over time, you can transform how your body looks and feels. Regardless of your age, gender, or current activity level, anyone can learn to MELT!

Sunrise Yoga

Stella "Luna" Tyron

All levels basic intro to yoga seated or standing. Yoga helps stretch the muscles and connective tissues. The benefits of yoga include increased capacity of the lungs, decreased blood pressure and heart rate and of course peace of mind.

Let's Make Whole Person Wellness Happen

Jan Montague, MSG

During this interactive session on whole-person wellness, you will learn about the multiple dimensions of wellness and discover how our thinking and self-talk can enhance or diminish one’s perceptions of well-being.  We will discuss the concept of wellness versus illness thinking, life-balance, and how using a strengths-based approach can make healthy behavior change happen.  Participants will be invited to examine their current whole-person wellness perspective, create a personal vision, and identify some tiny action steps to make that vision a reality.  The information and strategies are flexible enough to be applied to your personal or professional life. Even if you have heard the message several times times before—hear it again—with an open mind and open heart. I am looking forward to our time together!

Food As Medicine: Simple, Delicious, Elegant

Matthew Pour

Learn about the natural healing powers of olive oil, and the art form of olive oil tasting using sensory evaluation. We will discuss the quality standards and the distinctions between the various grades of olive oils, proper storage, and shelf life. You will also learn how different olive oils complement different foods and uses.

You’ll enjoy sampling a variety of premium quality olive oils from small artisan growers around the globe, using only sustainable methods, who pay great attention to tradition and craftsmanship from grove to bottle. A wide selection of infused specialty balsamic vinegars, providing myriad health benefits, will be paired with complementary olive oils to produce delightful taste sensations.  We will also share recipes that are both healthy and delicious.

The Older, Wiser, and Wonderful Workout

Sue Grant, BS

Enjoy a safe, fun, and unique workout which includes low impact aerobics, gentle strength training, balance  work, and a lovely relaxing stretch.  All of the exercises are done moving in three directions - front/back, side/side, and rotating - just like we move in real life! This workout is perfect for beginners or for those that have not been exercising regularly.  All of the exercises are done standing or sitting on a chair - no lying down on the floor.
You'll be surprised at how much you enjoy this one-of-a-kind workshop!

Pickleball: A Sweet Sport with a Sour Name

Jane Porphir and Julie Tobin, PT

Jane Porphir and Julie Tobin both started playing Pickleball after seeing it played in Sun City West, Arizona in April of 2011. Jane and Julie will be here to share their experience and stories with those who want to know more about this silly sounding sport and play a little as well. IT IS AMERICA'S FASTEST GROWING SPORT, particularly among older adults, and is one of the best ways to get some exercise while laughing and having fun playing a sport called PICKLEBALL! 

Zumba Gold: Groovin’ At Any Age

Cathy Badum and Sandy McCormick

Zumba Gold® is the dance party workout for the young at heart.  Zumba Gold®, designed for older adults, introduces easy-to-follow Zumba® dance choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination. It has cardio, cognitive and emotional benefits.  Whether you prefer standing exercises or seated exercise, we will demonstrate how Zumba® can be modified for multiple levels of ability, from active to frail.  Come see how CS Dance Factory makes fitness fun!

Finding Your Balance in an Aqua Environment

Jackie Halbin, BS

As an experienced aquatic instructor, Jackie and her team of aquatic instructors will introduce you to the benefits of water for improving your strength and balance in a supportive and “pain-free” environment.

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