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Success has become synonymous with financial wealth, influence and status. But can we define success in another way — one that welcomes a broader range of accomplishment? It may not be as obvious as you think. TED TALK speakers share ideas for what makes us successful. Life coach Tony Robbins describes why failure should not be an option. Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth says "grit", not IQ, is the new predictor of success. Mike Rowe encourages us not to follow our passion. Ron Gutman shares some compelling research on the hidden power of smiling. And writer Alain de Botton shares a fascinating view about the American paradigm for success and failure.

Academic Grit

The University Learning Center (ULC - Pollack Library North, 2nd Floor) offers FREE tutoring for many subjects as well as GE and other courses across campus. Appointments are required.

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Opportunity Center for Science and Mathematics Students (OCSAMS) provides FREE tutoring for students on a drop-in basis in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics. Tutoring is available for many lower division core courses, as well as in a number of upper division courses based on expertise of tutors.

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