HHD Study Abroad

The College of Health and Human Development offers a variety of short term study abroad programs that take place during summer and winter intersession and spring break. These programs can be as short as five days and as long as four weeks. These programs are led by HHD faculty and you get the opportunity to earn units toward your degree.

These programs are HHD specific, for other, non-HHD programs visit the campus website.

"I love the short term programs offered by HHD! I didn’t have to worry about taking too much time off of work or away from family!"
~ Emily Flynn, Todos Santos, Summer 2017

"Being able to do my internships abroad led me to understand how different countries educate their youth and how culture influences development. I walked away from both experiences being more open minded towards diversity and passionate for multiculturalism in the classroom."
~ Danielle Eden, New Zealand, Summer 2014 and Thailand, Winter 2016

"During my Brazil study abroad trip I worked alongside three professors in differentfields of Kinesiology while earning six units. I learned many skills and gained so much experience I cannot wait to apply it to my future career."
~ Yvette Silva, Brazil, Summer 2017

 CAS Study Abroad
 CAS Study Abroad

"Having the opportunity to learn about and explore archeological and modern day Olympic sites was truly an eye opening experience. Studying abroad was a life changing experience and further developed my passion for Kinesiology."
~ Hannah Pacun, Greece, Summer 2016

Master of Social Work
Chile      South Korea

 CAS Study Abroad  CAS Study Abroad

Human Services
Barcelona, Spain

Health Science
HESC Heredia, Costa Rica

 CAS Study Abroad  CAS Study Abroad

Brazil      Greece

Students in the News! Brazil, 2015 Thailand Winter, 2017