Internships / Fieldwork / Practicum

Hands-on learning is an important aspect of a student’s academic journey. Every department in the College of Health and Human Development requires hands-on learning courses- internships, fieldwork, and practicum. An internship is defined as a position held by a student or trainee who works in an organization, paid or volunteer, in order to gain work experience. Fieldwork is defined as, practical work conducted by a researcher in the natural environment, rather than in a laboratory or an office. And finally, a practicum is defined as, a practical section of a course of study. The college values the importance of these High Impact Practices (HIPs) by making experiential learning a part of our HHD degree requirements.


Human Services student completing her internship hours at the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods.


Nursing students applying their in-class knowledge to real world settings in the Nursing Skills Lab.


Masters of Social Work student completing internship hours at the CSUF Center for Healthy Neighborhoods.


Child and Adolescent Studies student using skills developed from in class project and presentations.


Health Science student participating in the hands-on learning Lunchtime Exercise and Activity Program.


Kinesiology student earning internship hours while participating in a study abroad experience in Brazil. This experience gives Kinesiology students the opportunity to earn up to six units during their three weeks abroad!

You can combine your academic internship with a study abroad experience!

The College of Health and Human development offers a unique way to earn internship hours abroad! These programs are short term and scheduled, Winter and Summer Intersession as well as Spring Break! To learn more visit HHD Study Abroad, University Study Abroad, or the CICE website.