HHD Student Researchers to Present at Big Data Conference


Three Health Science students are heading to Huntington Beach to present on a subject making waves in the academic community: Big Data.

The California Big Data To Knowledge (BD2k) conference, to be held on Friday, September 15, will gather students and faculty from Cal State Fullerton, Stanford, USC, UCLA, and other universities for a day-long discussion on big data science and research. Students from CSUF’s “Big Data Discovery and Diversity Through Research Education Advancement and Partnerships (BD3REAP)" program will present research projects that examine public health concerns—depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and diet intake, to name a few— through the lens of  big data science analytics. BD3REAP director and principal investigator Dr. Archana McEligot will oversee the presentations.

“The conference and the program overall provides an invaluable opportunity for students to conduct research and interact and engage with leading researchers in one of the most dynamic and evolving fields, big data science. The BD3REAP program increases career and graduate school opportunities in the data science-related field,” said McEligot.

The BD3REAP program, funded through a $1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, is designed to introduce and train Cal State Fullerton students and faculty in the emerging field of big-data science through a partnership with the USC Big Data for Discovery Science center. Through close training experiences with faculty mentors from CSUF’s and USC’s Health Science, Mathematics, and Biology programs, student researchers learn how to collect, store, access, manipulate, and analyze data utilizing modern analytic techniques. Students then connect the data to public health concerns.  The five-year multidisciplinary program kicked-off in 2015.